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Prologue: Rise of the Republic

Check out the opening crawl above for session 0, Rise of the Republic!

This session sets the scene for the rest of the campaign, diving headfirst into the aftermath of the Empire’s defeat at Endor. The Alliance seeks to use the momentum from their victory to formalize their position as the new leaders of the galaxy, and plan to do so on Mon Mothma’s homeworld of Chandrila.

Your character has come to Chandrila representing your organization as a supporter (possibly a reluctant one) of the New Republic. The Alliance has sent a large portion of their fleet to oversee the meetings, and numerous trade organizations, banking clans, and even a few cartels are arriving each day to throw in their support. There are even rumors that representatives from some of the hidden Jedi Enclaves have come, but most still believe the Jedi to be wiped out following the purge of Order 66. Whatever reason brought you to Chandrila, you will soon be caught up in events whose impact will be felt throughout the galaxy by all people. The outcome of these events, however, remain to be seen…

Home Page

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